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North Park Connection Suppers
Winter – Spring – Fall

When was the last time a meal changed your life?
When was the last time you sat across the table and had a meal together with someone new? North Park Connection Suppers are informal gatherings to get acquainted with others throughout our church community – our members, our regular attendees, and our guests.

It is no secret the community of North Park is experiencing growth year over year and God is bringing us together to serve in ministry. In the seasons ahead, let’s connect across generations and across our church to get to know one another in our homes. Three months at a time.

Opportunities to sign-up happen three times a year where you will be grouped with others you may not know very well. Your group of about six people will share a meal together once a month. Three meals over three months.

How Does It Work?
Each season (Winter, Spring, Fall), you will have an opportunity to opt-in for Connection Suppers during 3 months. You will be assigned to a group of others you do not know or may not know very well.

Once a month for 3 months, your group will meet to share a meal together; it could be a weeknight dinner, a Saturday breakfast, a Sunday afternoon lunch, or whenever the group decides is best for them. Each month someone in your group will be the Host and cover the expense for that meal. Each 3-month Season, the groups will be re-assigned. Opt-in sign-ups happen 2 weeks before the start of the next season so you can decide if you want to commit to attend the 3 suppers and host one meal during those three months ahead.

Winter Season:  January - February - March
Spring Season:  April - May - June
Fall Season:  September - October - November

Can Anyone Sign-Up?
This ministry program is designed for adults: pairs*, and singles. When you sign up, you are only signing up for that particular season. Expect the groups to change each new season – allowing you to meet and share a meal with different people from our church community.

A first-time Host will be assigned for each group and will make initial contact with others in the group and to coordinate the first meal. Hosting should rotate each month, so that each pair is Host for a month in their home.

*Pairs are typically spouses. Singles may want to pair with another single and sign-up as a pair for a 3-month season. Or - singles may sign up individually and will be placed in a Connection Supper group for that 3-month season.

Where Do We Eat and Who Covers the Expense?
The Host for the month will offer to plan the meal in their home, but other options can be suggested by the Host and confirmed with the group. As hosting rotates each month, consider it an opportunity to cultivate relationships with your style of creativity and hospitality.

The size of your home and what you eat is not the issue – we can all rub elbows as we get to know one another. Examples of meals include a picnic in the backyard, or take-out around the kitchen island, or fine dining around the table. The Host for the month organizes the gathering and will need to be prepared to cover expense for that month.

     If anyone needs financial assistance to be a Host, please contact Pastor David Murphy.

What About the Children?
This ministry is designed for adults to have a meal together and get acquainted across the table. And while some groups may opt for one month to meet with the entire families, typically this will be just the adults at table.


While there may be very special occasions where the church provides childcare, that day may or may not work for your group. However, we can offer a Babysitting Resource List with contact information of possibilities.


     If anyone needs financial assistance for childcare, please contact Pastor David Murphy.

Why Are We Doing This Ministry Program?
North Park has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The first step in building deep and rich relationships is simply to get acquainted. This ministry allows us to get to know one another across generations, across our church community, and across the table. In the hectic pace of our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to miss out on the simple pleasure of meeting new friends and breaking bread together.




You may use the online form provided for you, fill out the form in the church bulletin, or you can download the PDF document provided for you!

After signing up via paper form, please give to Nan Ingram in the church office.

Thank you kindly!