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About Us

God has called us to Glorify Christ, Equip Families, and Reach our Community.


We do not exist to serve our selves, but to serve God by reaching into our community and demonstrating the love of peace of Christ.


The Great Commission gives us our mission. We are called by God to GO into all the world and MAKE DISCIPLES. Success in our calling and mission are possible because of the power of the Spirit at work in us


We value the Mission of Christ

We value the Teachings of Christ

We value the Worship of Christ

We value the Body of Christ, His Church


We desire to strengthen families with the truth of God’s Word.

We desire to connect the church family through fellowship and ministry.

We desire to empower the family of God to walk victorious with Christ.


We serve our community: locally, regionally, and globally.

We serve our community with the gospel of Christ.

We serve our community as ambassadors of Christ.

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