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  • Where do I go?
    2605 Rex Cruse Drive is located on the north side of Lamberth Road. Find your way to the guest parking and enter the glass doors under the steeple along the front of our church. A team of folks will be waiting to help you find your spot.
  • What do I wear?
    Our dress is casual, so dress accordingly. Our pastor will wear jeans, along with the majority of the congregation. Our desire is to study and worship together, so come prepared for that
  • Is there something for my children?
    Every time we gather we provide educational and fun opportunities for every age group from nursery through adulthood. Age appropriate Bible Study Groups, with gifted and background checked leaders are available Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings.
  • Is there something for my life stage?
    It is our hope to provide an opportunity for every person in every life stage to have a place to worship, learn, and serve. We will help you find your spot, or create a new spot just for your life stage.
  • Are you one of “THOSE” baptists?
    Honestly, we get this question all the time. We have yet to determine exactly what each person means when they ask it, but here we go. We are a independent church that is closely related to other Baptist and Reformed churches in doctrine. We believe in kindness, grace, truth, love, responsibility, and salvation only through Christ. We recognize not everyone agrees with our convictions, but hope we can show the love of Christ through a gentle and patient spirit.
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