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All Sunday School Groups are listed below:

All Sunday School Groups Meet at 9:45 am

Nursery (Birth-age 3) - Nursery Wing

Younger children’s discipleship (age 4–2nd grade) - CMAC

Older children’s discipleship (3rd-6th grade) both hours - CMAC

Youth Sunday School (7th–12th grade) - Youth Building



Adult Classes:
College Age Keving Hively/Andy & Kendall Neece Upper Room

Young Adults Jennifer Murphy/Bernie & Nita Gallagher Kitchen

Young Adults Jeff & Desiree Adams Room 104

Bi-lingual Russell Roach Room 209

Multi-Gen Adults Sam & Amanda Boyle Worship Center

Middle Adults Kevin & Michelle Reynolds Room 200

Middle Adults DW & Kathy Smith Room 211

Boomers Terry & Nan Ingram Room 206

Ladies Class Ellen Graham Room 205

Middle – Senior Adults Jerry Collins Room 201

Middle – Senior Adults John & Linda Gaylord Room 213

Senior Adult Women Judy Chamberlain Room 204

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